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International Womens Day

International Womens Day

Lorraine Lea is more of a community than a company.

Built on family values and entrepreneurial spirit, Lorraine Lea was founded in the backyard of Peter and Heather Ryan’s south-east Melbourne home in 1986.

The company was created with the knowledge that everyone is capable of achieving amazing things – they just need the right opportunity.

For many busy mums, the lack of flexibility in the workplace can become a barrier; their ambition can take a back seat, and their purses take a hit! This is why we established our unique independent business model more than 35 years ago.

Independent Stylists enjoy complete control over the hours and locations they work, as well as the income they earn. It’s their business, their way, with a world of support, training, and resources at their disposal to make an income that suits them. For many of our Stylists, that may simply be an additional $100 a week to save for a holiday or put petrol in the car. For others, it’s a full-time income to support their families.

When you purchase from Lorraine Lea, you’re not just supporting a family-owned business, you’re supporting women (and a few amazing men!) around the country to create a beautiful and safe home for themselves and their families.

Sadly, we also know that some women do not have a safe space to call home.

That’s why earlier this week, the Lorraine Lea head office team dived deep into our warehouse to collect quilt covers, sheet sets and bathroom supplies for FUSION.

Founded in 1993, FUSION is professionally staffed and volunteer-supported. Their mission is to provide housing and support services to families experiencing homelessness in our community so they will have a safe, secure environment as they work toward self-sufficiency.

We are excited to build this relationship with the FUSION team to provide ongoing support for those who need it most. After all, we all deserve a beautiful space to call home.


We’re proud to support Australian women on their journey whatever it may be. Want to help? Find out more about Fusion Housing here.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Learn more about becoming a Lorraine Lea Stylist here.

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