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Spoil Dad this Father's Day

Spoil Dad this Father's Day

Even dads appreciate a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’ve noticed that their bedding is getting a bit out of date, why not surprise him with some new sheets or a trendy quilt cover (that mum will love too).

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to put your thinking caps on re. how you’re going to show appreciation to the father figures in your life.

Whether it’s been something he’s had his eye on for a quite a while, or something you think he desperately needs, we’ve put together just a few things we think dad might enjoy this Father’s Day!

He may be unlikely to purchase these things himself, however we’re positive they will become a fast favourite.



Some thermal balancing bedding

We all need a good, healthy night’s sleep, especially the men in our lives! From working physical jobs to being more prone to having aches and pains, it is essential to have a good rest after a long day.

Being too hot in bed or having night sweats can happen to men quite often, due to low testosterone levels. In order to properly regulate your man’s temperature in bed, invest in some Thermal Balancing bedding. From a mattress topper, to a quilt, to a pillow protector, this range is especially designed to correctly manage heat and moisture, meaning less overheating, less chilling and less perspiration, not to mention the technology was originally developed for NASA, so it must be good!


New sheets/quilt cover

Even dads appreciate a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’ve noticed that their bedding is getting a bit out of date, why not surprise him with some new sheets or a trendy quilt cover (that mum will love too).

With so many sheets and colour options, there really is something for everyone! Our Cotton sheets come in a wide range of shades that dad will love, from charcoal, to pistachio, or indigo. Or if he appreciates a luxurious night’s sleep, our Elayna linen range comes in a range of gender neutral options, such as natural, white and espresso. Alternatively, if he gets a bit cold during the night, he might prefer Flannelette sheets. From white, to grey, to olive, he’ll be stuck for choices!

If he needs a new quilt cover, we have a range of dad-friendly options that he will fall in love with! Our Harlei quilt cover is a fantastic option for dad as it uses earthy tones on a natural background and isn’t too overpowering.

Alternatively, if dad likes darker tones, our Oliver or Austin quilt cover or Elayna Ash coverlet in charcoal are the way to go, with simple yet effective styles, paired with natural textures, dad will feel sophisticated with his new goodies.


New towels

We hope this isn’t the case, but if dad hasn’t updated his towels for a few years, they might be non-absorbent, rough, and stinky!

Often thought of as a luxury some might not want to lash out on, a good quality towel can make all the difference, and is the perfect gift for those who don’t want to purchase themselves.

Our Cooper bath sheets are versatile, soft and a bit bigger than the regular bath towel, meaning more coverage for dad and a rich and luxurious feel that he will appreciate. They are available in a range of shades, including peacock blue, avocado, or silver.



If dad is a bit harder to buy for and you don’t think he’ll be interested in new bedding or towels, try thinking outside the box and opt for getting something you know he enjoys.

If he likes to cook up a storm, think about buying him some kitchenware. Our Ambrosia range includes aprons, pot holders, and more – perfect for dads who love to cook or bake, or even for those who like to barbeque from time to time.

Or if dad is a bit more of a homebody who prefers quiet nights in, think about gifting him something that will make him more comfortable around the house. You could give him some new pjs or slippers, or a throw for keeping warm and snuggly during the cooler months.



Make sure you check out our full bedroom, bathroom or living range and make this a Father’s Day dad won’t forget!

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