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Top sheet or no top sheet?

Top sheet or no top sheet?

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, what you’re used to and if you’re willing to put in an extra step when you’re making your bed.

Everyone makes their bed certain ways that others may not agree with, such as not having proper bed protection, sleeping without a quilt cover on or not having euro pillows.

The one debate that is often discussed around the Lorraine Lea office is whether having a flat/top sheet on before your quilt cover is essential.

Some people appreciate a top layer, while some see it as an unnecessary expense. Let’s hear from both sides and their pros and cons to let you decide – top sheet or no top sheet?



Top sheet benefits:

Though sometimes deemed as an extra step you have to take before jumping into bed, there are great benefits to sleeping with a top sheet on:

  • They provide extra warmth during the cooler months, and can replace the quilt during the warmer months
  • It can protect your quilt and quilt cover and can mean less washing
  • It helps the bed appear to be well-made and hotel-like
  • For ultimate comfort and luxury, it is a quick and easy addition

Not to mention the smooth texture of a top sheet can enhance the overall feel of your bed, making it feel cosy inviting.


No top sheet benefits:

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, what you’re used to and if you’re willing to put in an extra step when you’re making your bed. Here are some benefits to not using a top sheet:

  • It’s another item you have to wash
  • They can often get tangled up at the foot of the bed
  • For hot sleepers, they can create an extra layer that traps heat
  • It can defeat the purpose of the quilt
  • It can make the bed building process longer than it has to be

Additionally, those who live in warmer climates or prefer a more minimalistic sleep environment may opt to skip the top sheet.


The verdict:

The top sheet or no top sheet is an ongoing discussion that has been dividing sleepers for a while. It’s ultimately a personal preference and the decision rests on comfort and lifestyle factors. Whatever you decide, just ensure that you’re washing your sheets frequently.


Which sheets are best?

No matter if you are top sheet or no top sheet, you should definitely be making your bed to the proper standards, including mattress toppers, mattress protectors, underlays, sheets, quilts and quilt covers, depending on what kind of sleeper you are.

In terms of sheeting, there are so many options! Our bestselling Cotton and Premium Percale sheets are incredibly soft and cuddly and are great for all year round, not to mention all of the colour choices!

Our Flannelette sheets are made from incredibly soft and fluffy quality cotton and offer that cosy warmth and comfort that is great for the colder months.

Our Supima and Elayna sheets are our more luxurious sheets, and are the best choice for those who value sophisticated style and elegance.

Check out our full sheeting range here.



Here at Lorraine Lea, we are on the fence about this debate – what do you think? Jump on our socials and let us know if you sleep with or without a top sheet!

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