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Ready to start your business? Join our thriving community and start earning commissions today!


What is our Ambassador Program?

We believe being a Lorraine Lea Ambassador is one of the best side gigs available. Our program offers a fun, flexible, and straightforward way to earn extra income while fitting around your busy family life and lifestyle. Share Lorraine Lea products with your friends, family, social connections, through social media, and at home styling events. Earn up to 30% commission on all sales, enjoy generous discounts on personal purchases, and receive additional benefits for introducing new people to the program.


Why join our Ambassador Program?

We want to inspire you to live a bigger, bolder life. A life that has a positive impact on you and your family.  For many people, having one career only fulfils one part of you. Only pays for one part of your life. Enjoy the freedom to set your own hours and work around your busy family life and other commitments. You can create a rewarding and enjoyable side gig that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle while offering significant financial and personal growth opportunities.


1000+ Community Of Ambassadors

Our People

For Mandy Hudson, her decision making has always revolved around what's best for her three kids. Swapping work in the mines for a home business when she became pregnant with her first child, Mandy was familiar with the flexibility her Lorraine Lea business could provide. So, when she began parenting three children on her own, it made perfect sense to take her operation to the next level. Now, with a business that generates sales of more than $1.6 million a year, she encourages everyone to seriously consider a Lorraine Lea career.

Mandy Hudson

"I had always wanted an exotic beach wedding, but never thought I’d be able to afford it. After joining Lorraine Lea, I found the steady monthly income and bonuses put me in a much better financial position, and allowed me to make my dream a reality. I married the love of my life in an unforgettable ceremony in Hawaii, surrounded by all our friends."

Cassie Dodds

"As a mum of many, I love that my Lorraine Lea business allows me the freedom and flexibility to earn an income of my choice, whenever and from wherever it suits me.

Putting any extra time and energy into my business increases the income and rewards for me and my family."

Annette Lette

"I’ve been a stylist with Lorraine Lea for the past 7 years and can't believe the impact it's had on my life over this time! The consistent income, rewards and recognition I’ve enjoyed has far exceeded my expectations, not to mention the many beautiful friendships I’ve formed. This community is just like family and the wonderful atmosphere of belief and support that is cultivated through strong connections with my leaders and mentors has seen me grow and develop personally, achieving things I never thought I could."

Cathy Munron

How to join the Ambassador Program?

We’ve never been prouder of our company and people as we are today and the absolute ease with which we provide an opportunity for people to start their own business to earn extra income on their terms.


Create your account & join our program!

Getting started is simple! Just click the "Join Now" button and fill in your details. You’re only a few steps away from joining our community!



Purchase the starter kit

For just $79, our Ambassador Starter Pack provides everything you need to start your journey with ease!

Your pack includes: 3 product samples and Product Catalogue. Additionally, you'll receive a personalised dashboard, access to comprehensive product and business training, social tools and marketing to support your business.

We've got you covered to ensure a smooth and successful start!



Get busy sharing!

After joining, enjoy promoting our products and invite your friends, family, and followers to become ambassadors too! They'll have the chance to earn an income, and you'll receive rewards as well.


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