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Lorraine Lea

More of a community than a company.

What We Do

At Lorraine Lea we are all about delivering high-quality,
affordable linen and homewares with a focus on creating warm and inviting homes. Coupled with our easy-to-use step-by-step bed layering solution, you’re sure to get a great night's sleep.

But we are more than just providing amazing products. We’re a community and we are passionate about empowering men and women to live a life that’s both flexible and rewarding. Check out our Work With Us page to find out how you could join and benefit from being a part of the Lorraine Lea family.   

With Lorraine Lea, you’re Simply Home.

Our Team

Income and financial well-being is important but so is community. Our team of dedicated business owners experience personal growth along their Lorraine Lea journey and feel a part of a supportive and connected community. A community that fosters self-confidence and entrepreneurship. We’re here to support each other and learn from one another. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people with positive and infectious energy!

Whatever your goals or objectives are with your own business, our team is here to support you with a suite of business tools, training, and shared learnings from over 30 years of experience!

Our Stylists

We take pride in recognising and celebrating the achievements of our stylists whether they are big or small. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our stylists grow their businesses and reap the rewards. Income, success, fulfilment, friendships and connectedness are all core benefits of being part of our community. Imagine being able to fit a successful business around your busy schedule! Not the other way around. It’s your business done your way!

Our Customers

Our customers have been enjoying best-in-class, personalised service from our community for over 30 years. The service they crave but just can’t get from everyday bricks and mortar retailing. Every year we sell to over 300,000 Lorraine Lea lovers who understand that their purchases go a long way in supporting independent business owners as well as family-owned Australian business.

A Family-Owned Business Built from Humble Beginnings

Founded in the backyard of Peter and Heather Ryan’s Southeast Melbourne home in 1986, Lorraine Lea continues to be a family-owned business that has flourished from humble beginnings. Starting with a modest vision and a strong passion for homewares, the company has evolved into a reputable brand in
the direct selling industry. With a foundation built on dedication and hard work, the business has expanded its product offerings and customer base, all while preserving its commitment to quality and community. Lorraine Lea’s journey reflects the values of perseverance, resilience, and a steadfast focus on delivering exceptional products and experiences to customers, maintaining its legacy as a symbol of entrepreneurial success and family values.