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Trending: gingham

Trending: gingham

A perfect combination of a classic print with a modern style, Taree captures the essence of a classic gingham while offering ultimate comfort and support.

Bedding trends and prints may come and go with the seasons, but if there’s one you should get used to seeing for the long run, it’s gingham.

Timeless and sophisticated, gingham has made a bold comeback in the home décor world these last few years, redefining the way we approach bedroom styling.

We are so excited to introduce to you our brand-new Taree range; a gingham quilt cover that blends classic patterns with modern comfort.

So what is gingham and how can you style it? Let us take you through:


What is gingham?

A rich history that dates back centuries, gingham was originally a symbol of rustic simplicity and was often seen in farmhouses and the like. Generally in a stripy, check pattern, gingham usually uses two or more shades to present an aesthetic design.

In recent years, gingham has experienced a comeback and has been successful in taking over the fashion world, home décor and more, with a slight nostalgic nudge for our collective yearning for comfort and warmth.

A completely versatile print, gingham is perfect if you’re opting for a country-themed bedroom, a preppy/polished theme, or an overall sophisticated, eclectic look. It comes in an array of colours and stripe thickness, allowing it to add depth and character to any room.


How to style gingham:

Firstly, choose a colour scheme that is relevant to the print. If the print includes neutral shades such as browns and greys, try and compliment with similar shades to work harmoniously with the aesthetic.

Then utilise this scheme within furniture and décor. If the print is more rustic, opt for vintage-inspired furniture and one-of-a-kind pieces to tie the whole look together.

Try mixing and matching the print with similar styles, or be bold and add different textures, with some throws or cushions, to create a simply unique style.

Be sure to browse our bedroom and living ranges to help get you started with styling gingham.

Introducing Taree:

A perfect combination of a classic print with a modern style, Taree captures the essence of a classic gingham while offering ultimate comfort and support.

With various neutral and rust shades, Taree presents clean lines and evenly spaced checks for a bohemian look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Whether you’re going for minimalist or bold, for summer or winter, Taree can be styled accordingly and is the perfect all-year-round option.

Pair Taree with white accessories for a clean, crisp look, such as our Aspen throw in sugar, Aspen cushion cover in sugar and Solaire vase.

Or play on the neutral shades and pair Taree with our Arwen lamp, Begonia rug, and Meridian throw and cushion cover in terracotta.


The possibilities are endless when it comes gingham! Have fun with it and make sure to check out our new Taree range and accessories to pair with!

Explore the full range of spring/summer new arrivals here.

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